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It has been al long time since the last time I bought a new gadget, there was no real need for it and nothing new came out until recently.

All the major brands have been talking about smartwatches, Apple with the iWatch and Samsung with the Galaxy Gear. As expected the cheap clones came soon after the major brands, in Asia smartwatches are a common thing for the last years, there are even complete Android phones with dual SIM in a wristwatch.

IMG_3791 The watch came in a nice little box that even looked better than most A-brand manufacturers use.

It is a small box just large enough for the watch.
My main concern was that the watch would be enourmous on my arm but looking at the box it might be much smaller than I expected.


After opening the box I see the watch, it looks pretty cool for a cheap thingy from China.

The watch I bought is a Samsung Galaxy Gear Clone called PW305. It is a Linux based watch compatible with most Bluetooth phones.


IMG_3796 The description in the add said that you have to install an app to make the phone work with your Android phone. The app is not in the Google Playstore but you have to scan the QR code on the box (or from the watch, you can open it from the menu) and download from the URL you get.

After following the steps in the software all seems to be working instantly and all notifications are shown on the watch.


Using the watch as a hadsfree set for my phone gives me the funny feeling being back in the 1980’s like Michael Knight calling Kitt in the Kightrider series.

The watch works pretty well it is not too big it actually looks like a normal watch except for the fact that you have to push a button to see what time it is.


There is only one strange thing that I have to figure out..

I have 2 phones, one with Android 4.1.1 and one with 4.2.2. On the phone with 4.2.2 it worked great until I turned the watch of for the night and the next morning it did not sync anymore. With the 4.1.1 it works normal even after a night of shutdown.

Update 23-06-2014:
If you use Google Now you have to start that after connecting to update the weather info. On both phones it is working as it should be after turning the watch on.

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