RaspBerry-PI case

27. August 2012 18:37 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
Playing with the RBPI is cool but it is always laying around in the open.

To get a nice case for both I ordered 2 cases at ModMyPi a black and a white case.



IMG_8518 As you can see it is nicely shaped and very small, no unneeded space used and still it looks nice.


The RBPI board fits in perfectly, you do not need any screws just click on the top half and you’re done. IMG_8521


IMG_8523 IMG_8525


As you can see, the openings are all in the right place and the board is now protected against unwanted contact with metal parts from the outside.

It even looks good in black.


IMG_8528 IMG_8529

For me personally I mixed the cases to make my 2 RBPIs’ look different..

The cases from ModMyPi look great and are made perfect.

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