RaspBerry-PI First spin

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Today I took a keyboard home from the office and decided that I will be using the 40” TV as the monitor for the first test with the RBPI.

I downloaded an image (Debian “squeeze”) from the RBPI website and wrote it on a 4GB SDCard to make sure I had a working operating system to boot.

I used my phone USB charger as a power source and connected the keyboard and the HDMI cable to ports on the board.
Write SDCard

RBPI First run

I did some filming of the first run with my phone

As you can see the RBPI is booting fast and I entered the default login/password for this image and start the graphical interface.
I forgot to get a mouse so more than showing the screen is something I can not do right now.

The first run went well, the board is working now I can think of what to do with it.

Some things that come to mind when thinking about some use of this kind of small, low-power computers are:

  • Mediacenter
  • Computer for on my boat with GPS, 3G internet etc..
  • Thin client
  • etc..
            There are some nice development projects but maybe I start my own project.
            In the near future I will show you some test runs with custom software on it.
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