Raspberry-PI Model-B

27. June 2012 22:25 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments
There it was, today it arrived in the mail.
Many nerds want this thing and only a few have one.
a little white box as large as my cellphone, only a bit thicker..

Open the box and there it is wrapped in an antistatic plastic bag..
My brand new Raspberry-PI Model-B, the credit-card size computer..

Compared to a 2-Euro coin you really see how small it is..
I can not wait to play with it but have to download some software first and hook it up.

I have one problem, before I start I have to pick-up a monitor that I can use for this thingy.

But Hey, I got a nice T-shirt SmileSmileSmile



When I did some stuff with this thing I will let you know..

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