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25. March 2012 22:03 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

A little over half a year ago I made an Opendup first impression and now it is time for an update.

It is still working fine, even better than expected but… (there is always a but..)

Some strange things happen:

I mounted the Opendup volume to /home and the Opendupe volume was 135GB in size.
The strange thing is that I stored 190GB files in it without any problems, in the stats it said that /home was 100% full.

I resized the 135GB volume to a 1TB volume and instantly I see that I already have 190GB stored.

Well, if you think that’s strange…

I make a daily backup of my SQL databases, everyday I copy 700GB files to the same /home directory. The funny thing is that it does not show if I check the size of the files.

[root@backup-01 SQLBackup]# ls –oh msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak
total 1.5K
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 552M Mar 25 00:02 msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak

[root@backup-01 SQLBackup]# du -sh msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak
0       msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak

As you can see it is a bit weird..

[root@backup-01 SQLBackup]# cp msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak /tmp

[root@backup-01 tmp]# du -sh msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak
551M    msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak

Somehow the files are stored ok but the stats are a bit off.

Ah well.. If it works it works.

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