Fixing the Apad powerswitch

12. March 2012 17:35 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Do you remember the old Apad?

Well, the power switch was sometimes losing connection and the tablet went dead when I was using it, not that I need it now I got the 10”one.

I wanted it fixed anyway so I tried to open up the Apad.

First I had to remove the top plastic layer from the screen that covers the screws.








Now I am able to remove the screws to open up the tablet.







IMG_5929 You can see the camera, the SD-slot, USB2, power switch and button USB1, headphone connector and power connector.








The power switch is the faulty thing I have to fix.









I have to remove the touch layer from the screen to continue without damaging the flat cable, the tricky part.








After fixing the switch put it back together in reverse order.

It is working fine again and with a fresh installed Froyo on it it is still a nice gadget.

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