New TweetDeck Hell no!

8. January 2012 20:44 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Tweetdeck has become a Twitter company and now Twitter is in charge, in this case the takeover is probably going to be the exit for TweetDeck for many people…

I have to say I only had the 1.xx version on my desktop for a view minutes before I reinstalled the old 0.38.2 version.
TweetDeck has become a horrible program to work with, The most important changes that gone bad:

  • When you want to send an update you get a popup, they should know by now that popups are not done.
  • When you actually want to send the update you can not hit ‘Enter’ like before but you need your mouse to point and click.
  • The link shorten options have been reduced to 2 standard options, both are very slow and I prefer my own service.

That did it for me, de-installed TweetDeck and reinstalled the old one.

If you also like to get the old TweetDeck you can use this link

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