Star A5000 Android phone (continuance)

8. December 2011 07:47 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Almost 6 months ago I bought a Star A 5000 Android 2.2 phone from China and I still use it.

It is much better than the Star A3000 I had before and if you look at it you would see it is still not damaged in any way you would think if you consider the origin and the used products to build it.
The screen and body are still unharmed even after I dropped it on the floor a couple of times in the last 6 months. The battery does still last 48 hours on average use, I am a heavy user and charge it every day.

I have 2 sim cards installed, 1 for personal use and 1 for business use. I text and use whatsapp a lot and have several phone calls a day, about 1,5 - 2 hours talking time.

Up until now it sounds like the perfect phone but off course a cheap ass phone like this can not be all good.. and it is not.

The down side of this phone is:

  • When you bring the phone to your ear the screen should lock but that does not happen, have to push the top button to do it by hand. 
  • The CPU should be a bit faster, for normal use it is a great phone but playing games is almost not done.
  • There are no firmware updates available.


Conclusion: I am still not thinking of buying another phone and still use this one daily so you could consider this a good buy for the 125 Euro it costs.

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