Star A5000 Android phone

14. July 2011 20:24 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Last phone I bought was the Star A3000 from China, the phone works great but does not look that fancy and it has a resistive screen.

Time to get myself a better looking phone with a capacitive screen.

I like Android, works smooth, lots of free software, easy to use etc..
So it had to have android again..


  The Star A5000 is the newer version of the Star phones from China with some additional features the A3000 does not have
  but mostly it is similar. You can order it with a resistive or capacitive screen, I got the capacitive one.

  As you can see the phone looks much better than the A3000, it looks like the HTC desire Z (but without the hardware keyboard).
  Something that is better than the old one is that the battery gives more power and lasts a bit longer, I guess the screen uses a
  bit more power than the resistive one.




+ Looks
+ Battery lifetime
+ Capacitive Screen
+ Dual SIM

- Top button hard to press.

I would definitely recommend this phone

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