Openbox S10 satellite receiver

14. July 2011 20:10 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Ok, I know.. It has been some time ago that I posted something..
It has also been some time ago that I bought something from China..Smile


Some time ago I bought a Dreambox DM500 clone, that works fine but does not receive High Definition channels, I needed something that understands HD television..

I bought an Openbox S10, it is a cheap HD receiver, small and also capable of using cardsharing services like the Dreambox does.
The Openbox is less used and it is less open than the name would suggests.

This box also is PVR capable, just insert an USB stick and done..


The Openbox is also very small and looks even better than the Dreambox does.

The cardslot is behind the right side of the front panel, there is even place for another common interface module.



+ Cheap
+ High Definition
+ Looks
+ Internal power supply
+ No fans (no sound)

- Not as open as the Dreambox

I would recommend this receiver.

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