China phone (review)

30. March 2011 22:32 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

On January 17th I wrote about the Star A3000 that arrived from China, today a bit more comments about that..


As you can see on the photo I use the phone with 2 SIM-cards, 1 for T-Mobile and 1 for KPN.
That works great, when dialing a number I choose the card to dial out from and when a call comes in I see which number is used to call me..

Now I only carry 1 phone in stead of 2, I have to have 2 numbers, 1 for personal use and the other is a business number.

The dual SIM option does not have any influence on the battery time, I still think it should last longer.. With normal use I have to charge it every day but I do not think that is a major problem.

I use a Star A-3000 Android phone for a couple of months now and I still like it a lot and I have not find any problems that would make me want to buy another brand/type phone.

I do not say it is perfect but it is good enough for me..
The quality of the casing could be a bit better, the plastic feels and looks like plastic and the battery lifetime could be better.

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