Flashed the ePad (again)

27. January 2011 18:07 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Somewhere in the summer I flashed my Chinese Android tablet with a custom Android ROM but it was still Android 1.5 but then without the Chinese crap in it..


The Chinese tablet build by iRobot and called ePad or aPad is still loved by many around the world so some are still developing new ROM images for it.

Yesterday I found another ROM image build by some French dude who went really nuts, he has build a ROM image of Android 2.2 (Froyo) for the ePad/aPad (whatever).

Like any French dude he thinks that everyone around the world speaks French so after flashing my tablet the default language was French, ah well I had French in school once and I know the menu structure of Android 2.x so it was easy to change the language to a more understandable language for me, today I choose Dutch..

The market was not working to fix that you have to do some weird routine to make it work:
Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Choose All -> Market -> Clear Cache, then Force Stop. Once done, go back to Google Services Frameworks. Clear data, and Force Stop. Finally load Market back up, you should receive an error. This is good. Reboot the device, once to twice depending, and the market should show all the apps.

I am not complaining now I have a more up-to-date tablet and it uses less power so that is very cool. It is completely stripped, nothing is installed only the absolute necessary is included.. Another thing that does not work like it was before; the screen rotation goes the wrong way, when in portrait mode the tablet is upside down and the camera is not working but that was crap anyway so I do not need that…

So now I have a 7” Android 2.2 Tablet for less than 100 USD.. not too bad in my opinion.

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