Another Video UHF TV television transmitter sender

20. January 2011 21:10 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Before I bought the “RF modulator amplifier video sender tv transmitter” I wrote yesterday about I already bought another type TV transmitter.

The TV Transmitter I write about today is not amplifying the signal from a video device like the type from yesterday but this type had 2 input connectors, 1 composite for video and 1 analog connector for audio (just mono). The reason I bought this was just the same as the one I wrote about yesterday except that this one can transmit any video signal even from a camera.

This device is located in my living room and connected to my digital satellite receiver, this receiver does not have a RF output therefor an amplifier would not work. The one I wrote about yesterday is connected to another satellite receiver so when I am in my bedroom I can change between 2 channels.

The quality is not too bad, the signal strength is fair and this device has a build in power supply.

This device has a fixed frequency (channel 21) so when you get more than 1 of these you have to make sure that the person who sells these things ships devices with different frequencies for each.

The fun part is that you can transmit any video source as long as it has a composite output...

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