RF modulator amplifier video sender tv transmitter

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For those who have no idea what a “RF modulator amplifier video sender tv transmitter” is..

If you have a video device like a DVD player, satellite receiver or an old VHS recorder you probably have also the “antenna” cable connector to connect it the old fashion way to your TV set. Well this funny device can be plugged on to that connector and amplify that signal so you can receive it without the cable but with an indoor antenna or in my case a piece of copper-wire.

Off course for your living room HD TV set this is no option at all but if you want to watch television in the bedroom without the cabling through the entire house… This is the thing to do..


Ok, I know this is not really legal without a permit but the analog TV frequency is not longer used, it is all digital these days, so I will not disturb anyone his regular TV reception. and you will probably never get a permit for something like this anyways because it is build and shipped from Syria..

As you maybe have seen I own an Android phone with analog TV reception possibility and guess what.. it works perfectly with this transmitter.. I can watch TV wherever I am around the house and in the garden.

It amplifies the frequency the video device is transmitting on, if you have multiple video devices on different frequencies you could get a RF amplifier for every device and you can switch channel on your TV to change between them..




It is a great device for only 15USD (including shipping).

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