Dreambox satellite receiver or something like that

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I have bought some Dreambox satellite receivers from China (where else)..

I knew up front that they would be clones from the original German Dreambox receivers but hey they are about 25% of the retail price of a real one..

To check the quality of the clones I bought the model DM-500s, the cheapest model around and the original vendor do not even sell these anymore. For those who do not know about the Dreambox receivers I give you some info about them. Dreambox 500 receivers have a 250 MHz IBM PowerPC CPU, 32Mb memory, 8Mb flash and 1 card reader for smartcards and a network interface. The Operating System is Linux based so some “home brew” firmware is available that give you the options of having a media center receiver that can record broadcasts and save them to external storage on your local network. Some one also wrote a nice software package that enables you to share your smartcard with another receiver, so you do not have to buy an extra card for in the bedroom. The default installed OS is called Enigma and it is limited in it’s functionality so the first thing you do when you get a Dreambox is flash it with something like PLI or Nabilo, both enable the extra functionality of the receiver.

I got the receiver after a little over a week after ordering and I found out that the software installed was Nabilo but only an old version..


The receiver was exactly delivered like the original, even the manual was duplicated.. The manual is useless the software described is Enigma but that is not installed..

The receiver is even better than expected, I did not expect anything so that was easy..

This receiver is now my primary receiver in the living room and I have a similar receiver as a digital recorder that saves files on a fileserver, the advantage is that I can vies those recordings with this receiver from the same share.

You could also buy this receiver with another tuner, I have the Satellite tuner but it is also available with a digital cable or terrestrial tuner. 





This very cheap receiver does what it should do and if you are looking for a cheap satellite receiver I would recommend a receiver like this. 

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