The iPhoney model 4

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This time I needed a new cell phone and I had a small list of demands..

  • Í do not want something made by Apple
  • It has to be a smart phone
  • Email synchronization with MS Exchange (2010)
  • Navigation (GPS)
  • 3G (duhh)

The first thing was easy.. The reason that I do not want to buy anything from Apple is simple, I do not like the attitude that is similar to the one Henry Ford had when he build the Ford “Model T”.. “You can get it in any color as long as it’s black..”. I do want a choice and not one made for me..

So, when dropped iOS there are only 3 left:
  1. Symbian
  2. Windows Mobile
  3. Android

The first was easy again.. Symbian did never appeal to me, it is too much JAVA crap (I hate JAVA).
Windows Mobile has been dominated my phone for the last 6 years and I did like it but I wanted to try something different..

Android it is then.. (some choices are easier that others).

There are several apps in the Android market that support exchange push mail so that item was covered and only 3G and GPS are left on my list..

I searched the internet for an Android phone for a decent price and like most of the time I found a company that offered a phone with 3G, GPS, Compass and the whole bunch. The price was right the only downside this offer seemed to have was that the phone looked exactly like an Apple iPhone 4..

IMG_2157Here you see it at startup but even the box is the same as the one from Apple, the charger cable, earplugs, logo on the back, it is all there.
Except one thing…
The stupid Chinese have not used Android but something that looks like Android so this phone is a very good Dual SIM telephone with some basic Smart phone functions, like email, calendaring etc but nothing more than that.
It is not a total waist of money but it’s not what I had in mind..




Never had a bad experience with Chinese goodies but as always, there is a first in anything.

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