Canon 50D Digital SLR (Review)

6. September 2010 21:49 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Couple of weeks ago I bought myself a Canon 50D Digital SLR photo camera, the last 5 years I was using a Canon 350D Digital SLR which still makes good pictures.


The reason I wanted another camera was simple;

The Canon 350D, a 8 Mega Pixel amateur camera, has a plastic body and is very light. The problem I have with it was that when I used a Tele/Zoom lens the lens weight much more than the body and it felt like it wants to pull the lens down.

The Canon 50D, a 15 mega Pixel semi-pro camera, has a magnesium body which is more in balance with the lens.

The camera is a step up from the old one, like getting a Mercedes after 5 years driving a Volkswagen. They both bring you from A to B, they both carry 4 passengers and some luggage, but there is a difference.


The actual picture of my Canon 50D was taken with the 350D.

One advantage I like most is that the 50D has a Joystick button and 2 scroll wheels to browse through the menu options, the 350 had only 1 scroll wheel and no Joystick button.

In the 3 weeks I got the camera I have taken almost 700 photos (689 to be exact) and it works great, it is not really a beginners camera but I think that everyone could learn. If you have the money to spend, it is twice the price of the Canon 550D (the latest amateur model Canon digital SLR ) but it is worth every cent.

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