MP4 player from China (review)

21. August 2010 20:27 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

My daughter wanted a MP4 player so I got one from China, it is cheap so if she looses it or it is damaged it is not a real problem, if I would give her an iPod and it dies or what ever..


It does not look that bad and it looks solid, it has a metal case.
You charge and load files on it with a USB cable.

The menu has 5 categories:
1 E-books (only plain text files)
2 Music (mp3, wav, wmv, aac)
3 Video (avi, mpg, wmv)
4 Address book
5 Voice recorder

I needed some time to get used to the menu, it does not work as you would expect but my daughter does not have that problem, so I guess it must be me.

Sound quality is quite good, from the original earplugs one was dead so needed to get another pair.


+ Cheap, only 15 USD including the shipping
+ Nice looking
+ Solid build

- Menu not easy to follow

I would recommend a cheap MP4 player from China.

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