128Gigabyte USB stick from China (Review)

14. August 2010 09:36 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

If you search the internet for an USB stick with a capacity of 128 Gigabyte you will probably find some Chinese sites offering these USB sticks for less than 50 USD. To test one I ordered a “Sony VAIO 128 GB” stick for 32,50 USD (that is including shipping).


After it arrived I was sort of surprised of the look and feel of the stick, it’s made of metal and looks well build.

It was formatted in with a FAT32 file system so it does not hold large files (larger than 2GB) so I had to format it in exFAT, the new file system supported by Windows 7.

After placing some movies on it (4 Gigabyte files) the files get corrupted, for some reason many small files are no problem but large files get corrupted. I tried formatting it to NTFS and in Linux to EXT3 file system but with the same result.


+ It is very cheap
+ It looks good

- It can not hold large files

This item I would not recommend to anyone.

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