Opendedup impression update

25. March 2012 22:03 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

A little over half a year ago I made an Opendup first impression and now it is time for an update.

It is still working fine, even better than expected but… (there is always a but..)

Some strange things happen:

I mounted the Opendup volume to /home and the Opendupe volume was 135GB in size.
The strange thing is that I stored 190GB files in it without any problems, in the stats it said that /home was 100% full.

I resized the 135GB volume to a 1TB volume and instantly I see that I already have 190GB stored.

Well, if you think that’s strange…

I make a daily backup of my SQL databases, everyday I copy 700GB files to the same /home directory. The funny thing is that it does not show if I check the size of the files.

[root@backup-01 SQLBackup]# ls –oh msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak
total 1.5K
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 552M Mar 25 00:02 msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak

[root@backup-01 SQLBackup]# du -sh msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak
0       msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak

As you can see it is a bit weird..

[root@backup-01 SQLBackup]# cp msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak /tmp

[root@backup-01 tmp]# du -sh msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak
551M    msdb_backup_2012_03_25_000145_4497845.bak

Somehow the files are stored ok but the stats are a bit off.

Ah well.. If it works it works.

DPad A8500+ 5” 3G Smartphone

15. March 2012 20:13 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Today the new DPad A8500+ 5” 3G Smartphone arrived from China.

As you can see it is a phone with smaller edges that most of the phones from China and it looks somewhat like an iPhone maximus (or iPad-Mini if you wish)

Some specifications of the phone:

  • The screen size is 5” with resolution of 480*800, that’s good enough for this screen size.
  • Android 2.3
  • Quand band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 3Mpix camera (front and rear)
  • Dual SIM Cards
  • Network GSM,WCDMA, Wifi
  • GPS Navigation
  • FM Radio
  • Analogue TV
  • Bluetooth
  • microSD card-slot
  • Gravity Response

IMG_6022 On this picture you see my 10” tablet and my 3,5” phone with in the middle the new 5” gadget.

If you compare the weight of the device to both of them it weights just as you expect it to do, it is not too heavy but reasonably ok.

When holding it it feels firm and robust, better than the phones that I had over a year ago.

When starting up it boots quickly and all software you expect is already installed, even some surprises. When calling with it you get the choice of using your SIM card or calling over the internet. If you choose the last option you get a new menu to setup a VoIP (SIP) account, that’s nice..

When I unpacked the box you see the usual things + some extras.
The usual things when getting a smartphone from China are the earphones and the extra battery and off course the charger USB cable.
The extra is the back cover you see on the left, with holes in it for speaker and camera.

What was missing this time was the USB charger, not a big issue but still..



As you can see the box looks like any other phone/tablet box from china.


In the end I must say that this phone looks, feels and works great.

As far as I can see now this phone is great, it is a bit too big to use as a phone but most teenagers are only using their phones for chatting, watching etcetera.

Fixing the Apad powerswitch

12. March 2012 17:35 by Ron in   //  Tags:   //   Comments

Do you remember the old Apad?

Well, the power switch was sometimes losing connection and the tablet went dead when I was using it, not that I need it now I got the 10”one.

I wanted it fixed anyway so I tried to open up the Apad.

First I had to remove the top plastic layer from the screen that covers the screws.








Now I am able to remove the screws to open up the tablet.







IMG_5929 You can see the camera, the SD-slot, USB2, power switch and button USB1, headphone connector and power connector.








The power switch is the faulty thing I have to fix.









I have to remove the touch layer from the screen to continue without damaging the flat cable, the tricky part.








After fixing the switch put it back together in reverse order.

It is working fine again and with a fresh installed Froyo on it it is still a nice gadget.