Cortex A9 compared to Galaxy Tab 10.1 (review)

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You could look inside the Zenithink C91 and inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab to see what is different but of course I did not do that, I just looked at the noticeable differences in usage.

  • The battery lifetime of both are the same, at normal usage you can get 8-10 hours of fun out of both, so there is no difference.
  • The Galaxy has a more square screen the Zenith a 16:9, if you are watching movies a lot the Zenithink shows them really full-screen without black borders.
  • The Zenith is more heavy, the Galaxy weights about 500 grams the Zenithink 950 grams, almost twice the weight.
  • The Zenithink has USB slots build in, the Galaxy needs a special cable (if you search 5 USD on Ebay).
  • The Zenithink has a SD-card slot build is, the Galaxy needs another special cable (can also be found at Ebay).
  • The Galaxy has build in Bluetooth, the Zenithink supports external Bluetooth.
  • The Galaxy I tested had build in 3G SIM slot, the Zenithink supports external 3G (also tested).
  • The cameras of the Galaxy are very good. It has 2 cameras, 1 in the front and 1 in the back. The Zenithink has 1 camera and it is terrible.
  • The Galaxy is shipped with Android 3.2, The Zenithink (mine) was shipped with 2.3 but Zenithink already released 4.0.3 firmware.
  • The Galaxy has a 800x1232 screen resolution and the Zenithink has 600x976
  • The Galaxy has a dualcore CPU the Zenithink 1 core for OS and 1 for Video
  • If you look at the speed of the devices, tested with Quadrant standard:

    Zenithink Cortex A9 C91

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1



If you look at both devices… Is the Galaxy worth the price of more than 2 times the price of the Zenithink? I guess that is up to you, in my personal opinion not, I prefer to use that money to get myself another, newer version in a year or so. Of course the Samsung has easier accessible support when it would die on you, at the corner store and with the Zenithink you have to sort that out with someone in China..

Installed Android 4.0.3 on my Cortex A9 (First impression)

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On January 3th this year I wrote that I had installed ICS 4.0.1 on my Zenithink Cortex A9 C91. After that I tested the 4.0.2 and now the 4.0.3 release of the official Zenithink Beta builds of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Must say that ICS on this tablet works smooth and using it is even more fun than before with the Gingerbread release.

Today I did go a step further, I changed the kernel to a custom kernel inside the official release of ICS 4.0.3.

The problem is that the 1Ghz CPU never got it’s full power with the official firmware Zenithink released it usually never got over the 800Mhz barrier.




As you can see it is still a fast tablet but it could do much better.

Screenshot_2012-02-13-10-21-34 Screenshot_2012-02-13-10-21-40

As you can see now with the custom kernel it is a 100Mhz faster and the total rating is 280 BogoMIPS higher than with the standard kernel.

For now it also seems a bit smoother than before..