R.I.P. Steve jobs

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Steve Jobs



Today Steve Job died at the age of 56, that is too young to die.

For me there where two man in the last 30 years that change all our lives, Steve Jobs was one of them, he competed with Bill Gates to make the best product ever and in that process they changed the world and I do not think they could have done it without each other.

Apple products are often no technical exiting devices but the design is good and the marketing is superb. We have to wait how the death of Steve Jobs have influence on the future of Apple, Steve was the motor behind every step they made.
The period he was no longer working at Apple the stocks dropped, the products sucked and Apple almost went bankrupt and Bill Gates had to save Apple by a money injection.
Apple did find it’s way back to the top but only after Steve Jobs came back as CEO. At present time many people buy apple gadgets and standing in line for hours to get the latest, Apple is a strong company again.

Knowing all of this you can say that Steve Jobs changed many lives but also that Apple needed him to carry the company to it’s current level. Will the company survive without Steve?
Only time will tell.

I must say that I do not own an Apple product and maybe I never will but still.. Steve also changed my live, his way of thinking changed technology as we know it today.

Too bad that someone dies that young, he could have done so much more.