China phone (review)

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On January 17th I wrote about the Star A3000 that arrived from China, today a bit more comments about that..


As you can see on the photo I use the phone with 2 SIM-cards, 1 for T-Mobile and 1 for KPN.
That works great, when dialing a number I choose the card to dial out from and when a call comes in I see which number is used to call me..

Now I only carry 1 phone in stead of 2, I have to have 2 numbers, 1 for personal use and the other is a business number.

The dual SIM option does not have any influence on the battery time, I still think it should last longer.. With normal use I have to charge it every day but I do not think that is a major problem.

I use a Star A-3000 Android phone for a couple of months now and I still like it a lot and I have not find any problems that would make me want to buy another brand/type phone.

I do not say it is perfect but it is good enough for me..
The quality of the casing could be a bit better, the plastic feels and looks like plastic and the battery lifetime could be better.

People act strange on marketing gadget

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As expected Steve jobs announced that the iPad2 will be in the Apple store this month.

Here in the Netherlands something funny happened almost immediate; 
Many owners of the “old” iPad are dumping their tablet on the local web market place. Not only is the price still too high, only 100 Euro less than the new device but what do you really get for that kind of money?

First I like to say that I understand why people get a tablet computer, I got one myself, but when I look at the specs of the iPad2 I do not see why anyone would loose half the money of his “old” iPad to get a newer version just because it is the new iPad..

Here is the difference:


  • Display : 9.7” LED-backlit IPS LCD
  • Resolution : 1024 x 768
  • CPU : 1 Ghz A4
  • GPU : PowerVR SGX 535
  • Memory : 256 MB RAM
  • Storage : 16/32/64GB (depending on model)
  • Camera : none
  • GSM modem : triband HSPA/Edge
  • WiFi : 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth : 2.1 & EDR
  • Accelerometer : 3-axis
  • Gyro : none
  • Weight : 680 grams / 730 grams (3G weights 50 grams)


  • Display : 9.7” LED-backlit IPS LCD
  • Resolution : 1024 x 768
  • CPU : 1 Ghz dual core A5
  • GPU : ? unknown at this moment
  • Memory : 512 MB RAM
  • Storage : 16/32/64GB (depending on model)
  • Camera : Front VGA 0.3Mp / Rear 720p 5Mp
  • GSM modem : quadband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/GSM/EDGE/CDMA (depends on model)
  • WiFi : 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth : 2.1 & EDR
  • Accelerometer : 3-axis
  • Gyro : 3-axis
  • Weight : 601 grams WiFi / 607 grams Verizon / 613 grams AT&T model

As you see the iPad(2) has the same specs as the average mobile phone, except for the screen size that is..
More important, would you dump your current tablet and loose half the price to get a new model with only this limited upgrade?

When the specs of the first iPad where known I thought it was just an old phone with a bigger screen and I still feel the same way, the new iPad has better specs but is still not worth the money if you ask me. besides that, the vendor lock in is something I worry about.

Just my 2 cents..